Stop Fake Certificate Scams!

These days it’s very possible to get scammed when looking for fake certificates online. Although many suggestions on how to protect yourself may seem like common place they can often be overlooked.

Here are some tips on how you can stay safe when shopping.

Looking for fake certificate sites that accept credit cards.

It’s amazing how many people write me not knowing this. A credit card company will protect your money. If you buy something and feel like you were ripped off, they will make sure your money is brought back to you. When you buy something using cash or wiring money, there is absolutely no recourse when the s*** hits the fan and you find yourself scammed.

What should I do if I am ripped off? If you paid by credit card, I would strongly recommend contacting the company first before contacting your bank. Often refunds with a bank can take weeks or months to process. Compare that to the original website where you bought the merchandise. They can often process a refund back in a few days.

Not to mention going to a bank and demanding a refund without contacting the company first may cause other big problems later on. There are a lot of online series now that allow wesbsite owners to list the names and addresses of former customers who bought something only to report it to their bank in an afford to get a refund without asking them first. The reason why a company wants you to write them first is because disputes or complaints about their services can hurt their business. They would much rather refund you than have you complain to the bank. So that being said, if they feel the complaint was unwarranted or submitted without contacting them first, they can add your name and address and email to a list. Other website owners can see this list and may choose to deny you products and/or services because you are considered high risk.

You may think I am kidding you, but I’ve seen this happen to a few people.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Obviously yes. There are plenty legitimate websites that offer echeck payments, Western Union, and Money Gram but the reality is the resource there is limited. If you are truly worried, please send me an email. I will often get responses from people who said company-x scammed me and I make notes of it so I can alert others. I may be able to stop you from making a grave mistake.

You may not call them but a phone number is important

I know what you’re thinking, it’s 2019 … who in the world uses phones anywhere. It’s not the fact that you’re calling somebody, it’s the fact that a real person is on the other and talking back to you. This means it’s a real company with real people. This also means they have to pay those people, pay rent and more. This means it’s a fully functioning business.

What about sites that let me text message? There are some sites out there that let you ask you to text message them. Here’s the biggest issue I have with sms messaging. The reality is a lot of these services use bots or fake people to respond to messages. In most cases you are never talking to a real person which makes me question the legitimacy of the business and consider whether or not it is a fake certificate scam.

They only communicate over email

For some of you outside the United States or Canada, you may not have a choice. The reality is a lot of these businesses are located in the states and they can only take local calls. Most of them can’t handle calls outside of Northern America. Because of this it’s email or bust but in most cases if a site only takes email as a form of communication, that should raise a big red flag.

The reason why emails are often associated with scams is because if thinks go south, they can simply block your email and end the discussion. This is why email is a communication perfect tool for scammers. Trying to avoid an upset client over live chat or phone is much more difficult to do.

But I know of a good site that does all of the bad things you say to stay away from

Again these are just suggestions. We can talk for hours about examples of good sites that do what I consider to be bad things. Like I said before, I know of good sites that don’t have phone support like or good respectable sites like that accept wire transfers. Again, it’s merely a suggestion. Still in most cases I may have some good advice to give so please, if your the market for fake certificates, shoot me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you this August .